investor overview

Investor News Update

Public Company: Junior oil and gas producer: Listed on the Toronto –Venture Stock Exchange. Trading Symbol is “VUX”.

Shares Issued: 60,499,971
Fully Diluted:

86,499,971 (4,750,000 million options at $0.25/share, (21,250,000 million options at $0.10/share).

Proven Oil (10%DCF)
Reserve Value:

GLJ Petroleum Consultants December 31/13: $ 20MM.
Working Capital:       $5.0MM.
Debt:  None.
Capex: Balance 2014: $2MM. 1st half 2015: $7.5MM. 2nd half 2015: $3.5MM.
Oil ProductionForecast: Current: 300 BOPD. Exit year end 2017: 900 BOPD.
Operational Focus: Development of light to medium gravity crude oil reserves in the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Core Areas - Project Summary:

Gull Lake Area, S.W. Saskatchewan

  • Operator.                                                 50% working interest.
  • 3D seismic.                                             Medium gravity crude oil.
  • 7 producing wells –                              Roseray formation.             1 water injection well.
  • Up to 20 potential vertical infill well locations. 
  • Prospective for oil production also from the Cantuar and Shaunovan  formations
  •  Potential horizontal well development.
  • Vertical Well IP rates 100-200 BOPD each.
  • Well Costs: Vertical: $750K (D&C&E).  Horizontal: $1.5MM (D&C&E).

Pennant Area, S.W. Saskatchewan

  • Operator.                                                 100% working interest.
  • 3D seismic.                                             Medium gravity crude oil.
  • 1 producing vertical well.                    2 producing HZ wells.       1 drilling HZ well.
  • In excess of 30 potential development HZ well locations.
  • IP’s for vertical wells: 40-60 BOPD each well. IP’s for HZ wells: 150-200 BOPD / well.
  • Well Costs: Vertical: $750K (D&C&E).  HZ: $1.5MM (D&C&E).

Non-Core Areas - Project Summary:

Baxter Lake Area, Central Alberta

  • Operator.                                                 100% working interest.
  • 2D seismic
  • 3 producing wells.                                  6 vertical well infill drilling locations.
  • Well Costs:                                               Vertical: $650M (D&C&E). 
  • Farmout to a third party.